Charlotte 2017

An Oracle Xstore Success Story

All companies are not created equally.  For some choosing a company to work for is a matter of dollars but for others, the best job, includes the one with the best workplace environment. A great workplace environment starts at the top – the Leader. Leaders make companies thrive. There’s a certain demeanor that a leader must have to allow others to follow, more importantly, succeed.

Barbara Jones is a Leader. She’s also the Founder/CEO of an Atlanta based, women owned FinTech/RetailTech company, Lillii RNB, Inc. Barbara knows how to engage her employees and create a productive and efficient workplace.  At Lillii RNB, employees feel motivated to succeed and want to do more for the company because they know that they are part of a strong team. It’s no secret why big companies and Fortune 500 companies are employing the professional services of Lillii RNB.  They’re anchored in client & quality satisfaction, completing projects on time, within budget---and they have great consultants! Lillii hires, then trains Java Developers (some fresh out of the best colleges in Georgia) to become Retail IT/Point of Sales Consultants.

Case in point—Charlotte, a Lillii RNB consultant was hired by a fortune 500 company as a Subject Matter Expert (SME), to train their off-shore team. She created and developed three features for the project; Gift Card Authentication Reversal, which protects the customer if an error occurs during the authentication process. She also implemented a completely new type of transaction for what’s called Agency Payments, a special transaction associated with agency vouchers. The last feature Charlotte designed was a custom implementation of email receipts. She worked on the initial design and proof of concept, leading up to the implementation. While working for this Fortune 500 Retailer, Charlotte and her work were greatly appreciated.  She also achieved her goal and the mission of Lillii RNB --- completing projects on time and within budget.

Lillii RNB can help!

If you currently have a MICROS system, Lillii RNB can help you to upgrade to the latest Oracle software and hardware, which can help your company keep up with the shifting industry of POS technology.

Charlotte, is just one example of the many talented consultants at Lillii RNB, Inc. Lillii RNB has experienced Retail IT/POS consultants throughout the United States and an Off Shore team in India. 
Quite frankly, when you have amazing leadership, amazing employees and amazing customers, amazing things happen. That is  …the Lillii way.

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