Barbara Jones

Chief Executive Officer

 Barbara Jones is the Founder/CEO of Lillii RNB, Inc. In 1994 she entered the University of Texas at Austin and graduated in 1998 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science. After completing her courses, Barbara worked for FreeScale,  a Semi-Conductor Company, formally known as Motorola. A year later a small start-up company in Texas, named 360Commerce, interviewed her. With less than fifty employees, 360Commerce was seeking someone who knew how to program in Java. Barbara was hired immediately as one of their first Java Programmers. It was there that she learned how to write Point Of Sale software, also referred to as Cash Register Software. 

During her four years there she assisted in the development of their Point Of Sale Application. The results were phenomenal. 


The company went from having only one retail client, Sears, to inking multiple clients, including the largest home improvement retailer in the world, Fortune 500 Home Depot. Barbara dedicated herself and was responsible for working on The Home Depot project. Using her technological innovation, she pioneered an application called LineBuster, which was the very first mobile application before mobile apps ever existed. This particular application used the old PDA devices using a web browser to check out customers while standing in line, away from the cash register. Not only did The Home Depot purchase this application, they were extremely impressed with the Point Of Sale Application as well.

After frequently being sent to Atlanta to The Home Depot, Barbara was recruited and became an Independent Consultant in 2004.  After four years, it was time to say goodbye to 360Commerce. A year later, now consulting for The Home Depot, the news spread quickly that her start up company 360Commerce, had been bought by the worlds second largest software maker, Oracle. Immediately Oracle changed the Point Of Sale Application that she helped to develop, renaming it Oracle Retail. To date, this billion-dollar software is still being used and sold globally. It was time for Barbara Jones to expand and start her own consulting firm. She secured contracts with clients including The Gap, The Home Depot, Cox Communications and Circuit City.  As a result various retailers, crossing industries, were using the application that Barbara helped to create.

Although Barbara enjoyed consulting for Home Depot and other retailers over the next seven years, her real genius was her business savvy.  In 2012 she was inspired by a bright idea. As a technological visionary, Barbara Jones spent one year writing her business plan. Her objective was to create an IT consulting company, specializing in Oracle Retail Consulting. Using her keen business strategy and aggressive business tactics, she started a consulting company focusing on training others to become Oracle Retail Point Of Sale Consultants.


Donna Johnson

Board of Directors

Donna Johnson is on the Board of Directors. She is responsible for the Strategic direction for the company, assisting with Corporate Governance/Operations and Business Development.  Ms. Johnson works closely with the company's CEO and advisers to develop strategies for client and business development, talent procurement and reaching financial goals.


Prior to joining Lillii RNB, Ms. Johnson practiced law and counseled small businesses and government contractors on corporate and transactional matters, and compliance with federal contracting laws and regulations. Ms. Johnson holds a BA in Psychology from the University of Virginia, and an MBA and Juris Doctorate from Georgia State University.

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