The Standard Of Excellence For The New Millennium

In February 2013 The Lillii RNB, Inc. was born!  The Women owned, fast growing IT Company, specializes in Oracle Retail Consulting.   The current clients of Lillii RNB, Inc. includes the largest home improvement retailer in the world, a Fortune 500 international e-commerce company and the fourth busiest commuter rail system in the United States.

Lillii RNB, Inc. trains then hires Java Developers -fresh out of college- to become the best Oracle Retail Consultants in the world.

About Us

  Lillii RNB Corporation is an employee owned firm who specializes in providing retail POS and mobile application solutions for Tier 1 retailers. Lillii's experienced technology team supports Tier 1 retailers by helping them deliver on the vision of customer-centric retailing. Lillii focuses on supporting Oracle (ORPOS) and 360Commerce point of sale solutions for many of the world's most successful retailers. Lillii's team addresses store solutions, merchandising, supply chain, and optimization solutions for the customer's insight-driven retail enterprise.​

Lillii’s development teams help Tier 1 retailers significantly reduce the total cost of POS system ownership while building upon the flexibility that Java-based store solutions have been proven to deliver. Lilli’s team enables retailers to enhance customer intimacy, improve employee efficiency, and increase product availability to deliver a superior shopping experience at a lower cost of service. Most importantly, Lillii enables retailers to focus on what matters most - the customer.

Meet Our Team

Lorne Greenfield
CFO Services
Chidi Afulezi
James Patterson
Marketing Services