Consultant of the month: 

Maurice McFarlane

Maurice was the first employee hired at Lillii RNB Inc - he is the Development Manager and oversees a team of close to 10 Consultants.  Maurice also services as the lead for many of Lillii RNB Inc current and past projects.  He has received the Top Grossing Consultant award multiple times and keeps the Development team excited and trained on the latest and greatest POS Technologies.  Maurice has worked for many Lillii RNB Inc clients like Accenture, Cox Communications and Pep Boys.  Maurice is an invaluable member of the Lillii RNB Inc team and our Featured Consultant for March!


  1. Maurice has taken lifelong learning to the extreme purchasing over 75 Udemy courses. It's possible that we may need to do an intervention.

  2. Maurice was once a practitioner of Katsugo Ryu Aki-Jujitsu and is an avid MMA and Boxing fan. He has now elected to get all of his bruises vicariously.

  3. Maurice was a DJ and breakdancer back in the day and still got all his moves. Next time you see him, just ask him and he'll make you a mix-tape and bust a move.