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If you have ever purchased anything with a credit card in a brick-and-mortar store, you are most likely familiar with EMV (Eurocard, MasterCard, and Visa) chip card technology. If you are not too familiar with the technology itself, you are probably at least familiar with getting an error message after swiping your credit card, then being instructed to insert the chip.

Technology for the Future of Retail

So why haven’t all retailers implemented EMV technology? The switch from mag strip-only machines to EMV-capable ones was supposed to be employed industry-wide by October 2015, but many retailers have not yet made the switch.


According to CreditCards.com, 70% of consumers have EMV chip cards, but only 22% to 37% of retailers are currently using the technology. This huge gap means that not only are credit card owners not able to use their cards, but they also often face frustrations when shopping at retailers that are not equipped with the technology.

Most consumers have chip cards—but retailers are behind the times

EMV technology is “smart” technology, and since its implementation in 2015, it has become the global standard for credit card payments in all aspects of the retail industry. At least, that’s the case for most large retailers, including Walmart, Target, and The Home Depot.


But many smaller retailers have yet to adopt chip card technology, which can be frustrating and time-wasting for consumers.


Is chip technology important? 

If so many retailers have foregone EMV technology, is it really that important? The short answer is YES. There’s a reason the United States government put these policies into place.


Chip cards are more secure than traditional debit and credit cards because they encrypt account holders’ information, authorize transactions more securely, and protect against counterfeit and stolen cards.

What are the benefits of EMV chip technology? 

  • Increases security and safety of transactions

  • Reduces fraud and identity theft

  • Improves the authentication process


Are you prepared?

Is your company equipped with EMV chip card technology? If you were not able to integrate EMV by the October 2015 deadline, Lillii RNB has you covered. Lillii RNB installs your point of sale (POS) hardware with the software it needs to properly install EVM chip card technology.

Lillii RNB can help you at any stage 

Even if your company has not yet made the switch to EVM, Lillii RNB is there to help you make the transition, no matter what point you are at. Lillii RNB helps retailers with POS systems from cashware and pin pads to ecommerce and mobile payments.


Our qualified team is there for you every step of the way

When you choose Lillii RNB as your EVM installer, you’ll get the guarantee that Lillii RNB will either maintain your current POS system or upgrade it, if that’s what you need. But Lillii RNB does much more than that. Our team also has the resources to manage the entire POS installation process—including unifying ecommerce, mobile applications, and back- and front-end merchandizing.


If your company needs a new POS, or you’re just looking to update your current system, Lillii RNB can help. Contact us today to learn how your business can change for the better.

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L.L. Bean:

We assisted L.L. Bean with the Launch of their EMV Solution to over 400 stores, all with new payment devices equipped for EMV, Apple Pay, and Google Wallet.  


“It was a pleasure working with you and we truly couldn’t have gotten where we did without you on our team. You were a lifesaver! I hope we have the pleasure of working with you again in the future!”


  — Application Delivery              Manager, L.L. Bean


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