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Hardware Integration

Are you getting the most out of your payment devices? If you’re not sure, chances are you probably aren’t accessing all of their features. In this age of technology, your point of sale (POS) solution doesn’t only need to be able to swipe cards—it must also accept EMV/chip card technology, Apple pay, Samsung pay, and more. That’s a lot to ask of your POS solution—especially if it’s not updated with the latest and greatest technology. 

An updated POS is essential

If you’re considering upgrading your POS with today’s cutting-edge technology, you’ve got to ask yourself: Is it really worth it? The answer is yes, it’s very much worth it. Today’s consumers expect more when they get up to the cash register. Instead of simply swiping a card, they expect to be able to “dip” or tap their credit cards, and even pay using just their smartphones. 

While yes, you could continue to depend on outdated technology, you might miss out on more business—especially from the tech-savvy shoppers who depend on quick, secure payment technology to buy their favorite items. Luckily, Lillii RNB has you covered. 

Lillii RNB can help

The Lillii RNB team has the know-how and experience to implement the most current POS technology, as well as to help you with ACI integration. Lillii RNB works with ACI to facilitate important software and hardware upgrades to bring your POS solutions up to speed. And even if you don’t yet have a PIN pad integrated, Lillii RNB can help you pick the solution that’s right for your industry and your company. 

For those companies that already have PIN pads installed, Lillii RNB can help you upgrade to the newest, most cutting-edge software, like Verifone and Ingenico. Lillii can also help make significant POS changes, like moving from Verifone to Ingenico, and vice versa.

Lillii RNB specializes in the implementation of the following POS solutions:

  • EMV/chip card technology

  • Oracle Retail POS services (ORPOS)

  • Apple Pay, Google Wallet, and Samsung Pay

  • Verifone and Ingenico POS solutions

  • ACI integration

Get Started Today

Are you working on an ACI Integration? Are you not sure what point of sale software is best for your company? Lillii RNB can help. Our team specializes in ACI Integrations and Verifone and Ingenico payment device implementations. If you’re ready to start providing an innovative and streamlined point of sale experience for your customers, contact Lillii RNB today by providing your contact information below.

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See What Our Clients Have to Say

L.L. Bean:

We assisted L.L. Bean with the Launch of their EMV Solution to over 400 stores, all with new payment devices equipped for EMV, Apple Pay, and Google Wallet.  


“It was a pleasure working with you and we truly couldn’t have gotten where we did without you on our team. You were a lifesaver! I hope we have the pleasure of working with you again in the future!”

                                                                                                       —Application Delivery Manager, L.L. Bean

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