Introducing The LAW, according to Lillii RNB

by Barbara Jones

It’s an absolute must that Retailers keep their Point of Sale systems up to date with the latest and greatest technology! This is a priority in order to maintain customer retention and customer satisfaction. Let’s face it, customers aren’t happy if they can’t take advantage of the cool technology on their phones because the technology in the Stores are not up to date. As a result, sales and customers are both lost and won by competitors who do have the latest and greatest technology. Lillii RNB can help!  We help Retailers manage what they already have by minimizing the amount of integrations needed and allow them to take advantage of the cool tech that’s available.

Once the decision has been made to upgrade or to maintain the current system, the next challenge is deployment. This is a problem for any company that must keep their software up to date with new features. Deploying large changes into a Production environment is not an easy task. Not only does this cause issues in Production, it also causes additional work for Operations and Support teams. These deployments can sometimes bring down the Production environment which is very costly for any business. For Retailers, who must keep customers moving rapidly through the checkout process, the Production environment can never be down.

Our initiative for 2017 is to become the DevOps partner for our Retail clients. Lillii RNB can maintain your current POS system or upgrade it whenever you’re ready--solely at your leisure. However, we do more than just POS. We can manage the entire process whether its upgrades or maintenance of your current system. When you decide to upgrade, we ensure that everything is integrated into your new POS. One of the many things we provide, is customizing your current system to add in some of the latest and greatest technologies. Not only can we help your company with upgrades, we also help Retailers with unifying their ecommerce, mobile applications, back end, front end and merchandizing. We take over the Retail IT products and applications, developing a Unified Commerce solution for you. Lillii RNB has a TOOL that allows this process to be completed faster, cheaper and seamlessly! 

Introducing, The LAW (Lillii Application WebService)

The LAW is our proprietary application, which acts as a middle-ware component to 3rd Party applications that can be integrated, at the Point of Sale. The LAW integrates with the latest and greatest technology and delivers these innovations to the POS through Configuration. The POS only has to integrate with the LAW. This allows the POS to take advantage of the 3rd Party applications, which are integrated with the LAW. The LAW is a modular tool that is updated continuously with the latest and greatest applications for

·  Payments,

·  Customer Feedback and Ratings,

·  Compliance/Security

·  and DevOps. 

The LAW has a Customer Facing Dashboard that allows Retailers to easily and seamlessly add new technologies. These technologies will now be accessible to the Point of Sale. Retailers also have visibility into the current integrations and new features that can be easily added, at their leisure.

For more information on The LAW, please contact us today for the Full Product Detail offering.

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