LiLLii RNB Inc. In The ASEAN Region

by Jamie Brown

It’s been almost two years since Lillii RNB Inc. was in Singapore. It’s still quite apparent that this picturesque state has a global appreciation and welcoming ecosystem when it comes to business. However, there’s a transformation taking place in Singapore---the retail culture continues to shift from channel to consumer. Omnichannel has become the standard approach to retail and the lines between physical stores, mobile and e-commerce are so blurred that the consumer no longer makes a distinction.

For Retailers, Singapore still remains an attractive destination to promote and incorporate profitable companies. March nineteenth, over a thousand companies descended upon The Marina Bay Sands Expo & Convention Center in Singapore to attend the fastest growing marketplace on earth--Money 20/20 Asia. Fintech gurus and Senior representatives from China, India, Hong Kong, Singapore, US, Japan, South Korea, Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Bangladesh and the Philippines, assembled to connect and create the future of money.

The women and veteran owned IT consulting firm Lillii RNB, winners of (MEC) Metro Expo Challenge Grant, was also in attendance. The prestigious grant given by the Metro Atlanta Chamber Of Commerce awarded Lillii CEO Barbara Jones, an opportunity that could change the trajectory of her Atlanta Georgia based company. She made great strides attending Money 20/20 Asia, seizing new business opportunities and networking with some of the smartest visionaries and thinkers, globally. This event is real-world innovation and high impact networking at its best! “I still plan to expand in the ASEAN region,” Barbara says. “I’m so grateful to the Metro Atlanta Chamber Of Commerce for acknowledging Lillii RNB and giving me this amazing opportunity to be here.”  

We hit the ground running the moment we landed in Singapore. Being greeted by such a great team at the conference made it a joy to share the booth with The Georgia Department Of Economic Development, The Metro Atlanta Chamber Of Commerce and Data Seers. We’re eternally grateful to Ania Lackey, Shehzin Tietjen, Clint Brewer, Grant Wainscott, Adwait Joshi and Udai Panicker for their warm hospitality and professional support.

Country Manager, Udai Panicker of Singapore Tractus Asia Limited, provided the initial spark by arranging company meetings for Lillii RNB. We got off to a great start by meeting with the Senior Vice President of Non Gaming Operations of the Marina Bay Sands, Ian Wilson--It was a remarkable meeting! Next stop was the executive director of the Retailer Association of Singapore, Janet Rose Tong, then the assistant director of Industry Development and International Relations, John Hirst. Our meeting with the Restaurant Association Of Singapore, Edwin Fong was also quite informative and optimistic. Companies such as worldPay, amdox, Monaco, BBpos were also highlighted.

Whether it’s POS or Omnichannel, in an increasingly fast-paced world, understanding the pace of change and the reach of new possibilities is imperative!  In retail, the consumer’s expectations are constantly evolving. One thing is certain—Change happens on a daily basis in the retail business and the consumer is driving it. Money 20/20 Asia was a huge success for Lillii RNB Inc. After-all, it’s that platform where technology meets money, money meets people, people meet ideas…and ideas become reality. 

Jamie Brown: 770-572-0187