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Oracle Retail POS Services

For retailers, keeping your point of sale system up to date with the latest cutting-edge technology is an absolute must—if you want to maintain customer retention and satisfaction, that is. Let’s face it: These days, customers’ expectations are changing. They are not happy unless the technology in stores helps them make purchases as quickly and as easily as possible.  


But that’s not the only thing that’s changing. In this age of technology, retail is not just a brick and mortar store—it’s an experience that can and should be seamlessly integrated across all areas of our world, from mobile phones to online shopping. If customers are not able to access a seamless shopping experience, your sales can suffer, all going to your competitors who have already invested in the latest point of sale (POS) technology.   

What Is Oracle’s Retail Point of Sale Solution?

The Oracle POS solution is one of the top three POS systems used among Fortune 1000 companies. The solution functions well straight out of the box, but for some retailers, that’s not enough for their company. Luckily, Oracle has developed a simple solution. With it, software developers can easily add enhancements and customizations to Oracle POS solutions. And that’s where Lillii RNB comes in.

Lillii RNB is Oracle-Certified

At Lillii RNB, our goal is to become the DevOps partner for all of our retail clients. Our qualified, experienced team can help maintain your current POS system or even upgrade it if need be. However, we do so much more than POS. We can manage the entire process—from upgrades to maintenance. When you make the decision to upgrade, we ensure that everything is integrated into your new POS. 

Lillii RNB is a leader in Oracle Retail POS solutions (ORPOS) for Tier 1 retailers in the United States and around the world. We help retailers manage their existing systems by minimizing the amount of integrations needed, so they can implement the latest technology and run their businesses better.


One of the many important things we provide is customization of your current system, giving you the option to add in some of the most recent, comprehensive technologies. Not only can we help your system implement upgrades, we can also help retailers consolidate their ecommerce, mobile applications, and back- and front-end merchandizing. 

How can your system improve?

We take over the retail IT products and applications, developing a unified commerce solution that is tailored to your industry, your customers, and your company. Best of all, Lillii RNB has the tools to make the entire process seamless—meaning you save time and money while still receiving the POS upgrades your company needs. 

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See What Our Clients Have to Say

Cox Communications:

Lillii RNB assisted Cox Communication’s retail group with the upgrade of their Oracle Retail POS (ORPOS solution from 13.3 to 14.1). The projected was facilitated by Accenture and the Lillii RNB team was brought in to assist with the ORPOS solution. The project started as a five-week “Proof of Concept,” and is still ongoing.


“Congratulations on the successful upgrade of POS 14.1 to all the retails stores! This is truly a great accomplishment…proud moment for our Retail Team and Accenture!”


The TJX Companies, INC.
Cox Communications
Circuit City
Old Navy


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