Prevent Retail Fraud Using Investigative Intelligence.

Freeing Returns™ is a SaaS platform which helps retailers uncover the Fraudsters and Organized Crime Rings hiding in their data; leveraging the power of machine learning, graph-link analysis, and entity resolution.

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Why Freeing Returns?

The benefits we provide you as your analytics tool

Identify Organized Retail Crime

Increase your productivity with machine learning. Get identity resolution across multiple locations without facial recognition. Find your stolen merchandise faster using machine learning.

Exception Based Reporting

Combine Freeing Returns proprietary fraud data with open-source web intelligence for super-charged exception reports that includes your external environment.

Create a Safer Store Environment

Disrupt ORC activity before it disrupts your store environment with improved investigative productivity. Automated investigative searches give you hours of productivity back each week.

Prevent Fraud & Theft

With Freeing Returns proprietary fraud data it’s possible to get identity resolution for fraudsters and be one step ahead of them when they enter your locations.

Increase Recoveries

Our data analytics and machine learning help identify marketplaces for stolen goods. More recoveries means more merchandise available to sell.


Set your own priorities with rule-based alerts for suspected criminal activity. Set alerts for missing SKU's or dark web activity related to your stores.

Our Technologies

What makes Freeing Returns the most sophisticated fraud tool on the market?


Find Relations Hiding in your Data.

Long-gone are the days of spreadsheets and out-dated dashboards! Graph-link Analysis is a cutting-edge way to look at your data and the relationships that exist in it. It allows complex linking of disparate data sources into a comprehensive 360° view which greatly reduces the time spent searching through your data, so you can take action to stop bad actors faster.


Leverage the Power of ALL your Data.

Modern retailers are collecting data from a massive variety of sources. Have transactions in your Oracle POS, video metadata from your CCTV systems, and unstructured customer feedback data? No problem! Freeing Returns can show relations between the data from ALL your backend systems, whether structured or unstructured data, allowing you to do analysis in a way which wasn't possible before.


Don't Let Fraudsters Hide in Plain Sight.

As technology has continued to develop, Fraudsters have gotten more and more sophisticated. Creating a variety of personas for performing repeat fraud and theft against retailers both in store and online digitally. Using Artificial Intelligence (A.I.), Freeing Returns is able to analyze and detect these multiple personas from the data, allowing your organization to more quickly identify and take action against this threat.

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